Saturday, April 12, 2014

MAC Mattene Lipstick in Nocturnal Instincts

Work has been so crazy lately that I haven't been blogging lately. It's a rare Saturday that I don't have plans so here I am blogging. I haven't fully transitioned yet to this blog since I've only posted one review so far.

Now, on to the lipstick! I got this from an online seller a few months back. I believe this is in MAC's permanent line. I chose this color because it's a muted plum/purple color which I think would look great on me but was disappointed when I got this. It's actually too dark on me when I wear it but looks totally okay on my skin and on the stick. I think it's because I'm acided? Oh well, I just try to save this by applying a pale pink lipstick on top.

Staying power is a bit disappointing around 3-4 hours tops so I need to reapply more often.

Have you tried the other Mattene lipsticks? Let me know below!


Sunday, November 3, 2013


When I first saw the photos/promo for the MAC Divine Night Collection, I got really excited because of the new packaging. The usual black and silver combination is pretty enough for me but when they launched this beautiful black and gold packaging I just had to order one. 

They have five lipsticks for this collection which are: You've Got It (frost), Flair For Finery (lustre), Exclusive Event (satin), Private Party (satin) and Prepare For Pleasure (cremesheen). I got Private Party because it's in satin finish (I only get satin and matte finishes) and because the other colors didn't appeal to me as much.


Private Party is described as a dirty plum mauve. It has a satin finish so it glides smoothly on the lips without pulling or tugging which I loooove. It's a dream to apply either directly or with a lip brush. I prefer to apply it with a light hand because the color is darker than I thought. I saw a lot of photos of this online before ordering it and when I got the actual product, it's actually really dark and bordering vampish color.

What I do is apply a layer of a pinker more subtle color like MAC Faux or something similar and then apply Private Party to make it a touch more pinker. I think this will come out prettier and more wearable.

Skin swtach
I had to edit these photos to show the true color. By the way, I was only wearing the lipstick here, bare face. :)

Overall, I love the texture of this baby. I'm not sure if I'll be able to use this as much because it's really dark and more plum than mauve. I might mix this with a lighter color and make it more wearable. This lippie will be perfect with a fresh and clean face with a toned down eyeshadow and neutral blush. Can't wait to rock this!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Shape of Things To Come

This is officially my first post in this new blog! I've had a blog before mostly about beauty and some tidbits about my life. I felt like doing another one just because the first one I did didn't really express who I was. I was just posting for the sake of. This time, I want to really focus on what I love and sharing it to people who will be reading my blog. Obviously, the photo says it all. I am a true make-up junkie. I love make-up. It started a few years ago and I must say I don't have a lot of make-up in my stash simply because I cannot afford all of them and most brands are not yet available here in the Philippines. Some new brands are spurting here and there and you'll probably see it in my blog as well. 

Anyway, so what's to come in this blog? Beauty mainly but I guess I'll be posting a lot of stories about my life, my hobbies, movies, fashion, food and whatnot. I'm currently making my first beauty post so stay tuned for that!